Storytelling through visual engagement, letting images trigger memories of each viewer in individual ways – these are the catalysts for my creative journeys.  Whether developed into 2D compositions or sculptural forms, each piece is aesthetically layered in messages and mixed media.  The initial development of ideas originate from personal emotions- memories, grief, life changes, frustrations- sentiments that relate to all viewers in individual ways.

My artwork is not created merely for visual pleasure, but to work through private thoughts as a meaningful process.

Attention to detail with an element of surprise give my compositions an intriguing quality that demands the attention of the observer.  Realistic images created and superimposed with various mediums stir an emotional state that often times turns less representational, but more provocatively decorative.  Figure drawing is continuously studied to further the development of elements and principles of design.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”
Pablo Picasso

Working with artists, local businesses and volunteers, I have helped to transform a neglected downtown Clare alley into a cultural destination.  Community involvement and pride is showcased through mosaics, murals, gardens and sculptures enhancing the back area of many establishments.  Through grants, donations and hard work, the excitement of Art Alley has established the significance of creativity in our community.

Art Alley

“Politicians don’t bring people together.  Artists do.”
– Richard Daley, Former Mayor of Chicago

Artists have watchful eyes and compassionate souls.  They see the needs of others and create to make a positive difference.   I have been fortunate to work with student and professional artists that share my philosophy and together we have enriched our community.  515 Gallery has given me a cultural platform for change.  The recent 2nd Annual Miniature Charity Exhibit involved forty five generous artists and raised money to help support the Clare Area Backpack Program, providing food for local at-risk school children.

Community Project